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Broken Sword 4 The Angel Of Death Pc Game




Summary The first two episodes of the first season were released in May 2012, on Disney XD. Plot The first two episodes of the series are centered around Georgie St. George, a high school junior who is known as "The Blockhead" due to his stutter. He is shown to be very bad at schoolwork, and more concerned with getting high on marijuana and selling pot to friends than in his high school courses. However, his life takes a turn for the better when a mysterious woman named Em bursts into his life and asks him to help her solve a mystery. Cast Main characters Jorge Aravena as Georgie St. George, the main character of the series. The character is a high school student who is nicknamed "The Blockhead" because of his stutter. Liana Liberato as Em, Georgie's best friend. She has a knack for solving mysteries and is very good at martial arts. Elle Fanning as Brooke, Georgie's ex-girlfriend. She and Georgie used to date, and she is the daughter of the wealthy Fox family. She broke up with Georgie when she learned that he had caused the death of her father. She later becomes involved with The Blockhead. Amber Benson as Sue St. George, Georgie's mother. In the pilot episode, she reveals that she used to be a high school student, and was known as Sue Blockhead for the same reason as Georgie. Oliver Cooper as Mr. Fox, the father of Brooke Fox. He is the CEO of Fox Industries. Recurring characters Grace Park as Ms. Han, Em's mother. She is a Chinese immigrant who wants her daughter to have a better life. Benjamin Boles as Matt Fox, the older brother of Brooke Fox. He is first seen in the pilot episode, and later becomes Georgie's love interest. Niecy Nash as Mrs. Moon, a school teacher who first appears in the pilot episode. She and Georgie become friends, and she helps him work on his stutter and speech problems. Corey Feldman as Eric Haverford, Georgie's drug dealer. He first appears in the pilot episode, and later becomes Georgie's best friend. Jeff Probst as Mr. Richards, a bully at the school who becomes Georgie's antagonist. He is introduced in the pilot episode. Jay Leno as himself, who introduces Georgie to "The Blockhead"



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Broken Sword 4 The Angel Of Death Pc Game
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